Short Lets

Mohun property and management clients range from those looking for the flexible of having a tenant on a short term contact rather than the constrains of traditional long term contact has. With the added benefit that short let’s command higher rental yields.

To those who have either a holiday home for their own personal use whom want to make an income when the property is vacation. Look for a reliable and trust worthy company like Mohun Property and Management to take care of bookings, guests, cleaning, laundry, maintenances and any issues that may arise. Then there is those who have bought a holiday home as an investment and need a reliable company like Mohun Property and Management to managed their investment.

Mohun Property and Management often have those who are considering on selling their property and don’t want to be tied into a traditional rental contact. Making a short let the perfect solution and having Mohun Property and Management taking care your property. Takes the hassle out of having to managed it yourself.