Air Bnb Management

With the launch of air bnb Mohun  Property and Management have seen growing demand from people asking for their listing to be managed by Mohun Property and Management.

Our clients realized that having a dedicated agent managing their listing increased their revenue due to Mohun Property and Management been available 24/7 to deal with bookings, guests queries or any issues that may arise.

Why choose Mohun Property and Management, the biggest deciding factor for our clients is having their listing managed 24/7 and the unrivalled support and dedication Mohun Property and Management provide.

We will arrange an evaluation with a Mohun Property and Management consultant who will go through the whole process with you answer any questions you may have. Will give you information and advice on how to make your accommodation a 5-star listing. Our consultant will take professional photographs to encapsulate your accommodation and local attractions.

            (a) Bookings only, with having a 100% response rate, replying to guests request within one hour. You will be having bookings very soon.

            (b) Cleaning, if you would rather have the cleaning taken care of Mohun Property and Management can take care of this.

            (c) Property dressing, whether your property requires; Kitchen, Bathroom or bedroom essential Mohun Property and Management can provide theses.

Options B and C are chargeable, fees which are based upon the size of the property and what is required.